5 Ways to Find Daily Sabbath Moments With God

5 Ways to Find Daily Sabbath Moments With God

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A while ago my friend and mentor told me something that I have never forgotten, find daily Sabbath moments with God. Not just during quiet time but all day long. There are moments throughout all of our days when God wants us to connect with Him. Be in prayer with God, even if for a few moments. Or sit and listen to a worship song while doing nothing. Simple things like this are how I have Sabbath moments all day long.

5 Ways to Find Daily Sabbath Moments With God
5 Ways to Find Daily Sabbath Moments With God

5 Ways to Find Daily Sabbath Moments With God

Enjoy solitude with god– enjoy a few quiet moments every day with God. We are so busy day in and day out that the quiet moments become so few. Turn everything off and enjoy the silence and focus on God. It’s amazing what just a few moments like this can do for us. It centers me when the day is full my craziness.

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Turn off Netflix– I am really speaking to myself on this one. Turn off Netflix for 1 hour, then challenge yourself for longer periods of time. It seems like a lot but it’s not. Just shut everything off and mute your phone. I have a very hard time with just silence when I’m home alone. I love background noise, if you are the same way try changing the background noise. Turn on some worship music and enjoy praising Jesus!

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Disconnect from your phone– Constant scrolling disconnects us from God. While our phones can be used for good like growing our faith through podcasts or reading the bible, they can be a huge distraction. To have a quiet moment with God you need to stop scrolling through your phone or computer. Put them in another room and mute your phone. Give God your full attention. We don’t have to always be on.

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Find a quiet space– if you can make a small space in your home to be alone with God that is the best thing ever! I love my space and use it all the time. But if that is not an option closing yourself off in a room of your house is great too. Let your family know that this is your time with God and it is not to be disturbed unless it’s an emergency, clarify what is an emergency (speaking from experience here, an argument over cookies is not an emergency).

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Get outside with nature– Get outside and enjoy the beauty that God has made! I love nature, I love to be outside, take a hike, or just sit in the sun. Something about the outside rejuvenates me. The sunshine definitely does! I sometimes will sit on my back porch (leave my phone inside) close my eyes, pray, and just soak up the sun. It will do wonders for me. This even works for me in the winter. I am a beach girl so when we go to the beach I can sit for hours and just enjoy the beauty of the ocean that God made.

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I hope that these tips help you find more Sabbath moments with God every day.

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