Best Bakery I Have Ever Been To!

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Ok ya’ll, I’m on a mini vacation in Greenville, SC. Such a super cute city, and while I’m here, I’m doing some gluten and dairy free reviews. Let me share with you the best bakery I have ever been to…

Exchange Co. is a little bakery in Simpsonville, just outside of Greenville, and seriously the best bakery that I’ve ever been to! They sell vegan and gluten-free items as well as regular baked goods that contain wheat. Wow! My husband, Jim, came with me and he isn’t gluten or dairy-free, but as you read on, you’ll see his comments pretty much sell what we ate.

First taste was a gluten-free and vegan crepe. It was filled with vegan cream cheese and strawberries, then sprinkled with powdered sugar. Not overly sweet (which I like), the whipped cream was fluffy and really tasty. The presentation was beautiful; so much so that I hated to ruin it by taking a bite! Jim said it tastes like one made with wheat. Compliment #1!

Best Bakery I Have Ever Been To
Best Bakery I Have Ever Been To

After we were done with our breakfast, they brought us a complimentary lemon/blueberry scone and a glazed donut (insert drool here), both vegan and gluten-free. Something you need to know…Jim loves Krispy Kreme donuts. He may admit to dreaming about them. 😉 He took one bite of the donut and said, “this is ridiculous”, and said the taste was just like a Krispy Kreme. The consistency is a little denser, but taste-wise spot on. Then he said, “If you told me this was the only donut I could eat for the rest of my life I’d be happy.” What a compliment! He isn’t even gluten-free!

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Gluten-free and vegan scone and glazed donut
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Gluten-free vegan glazed donut
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Jim enjoying his donut

I ate most of the scone (tough job, I know). It was so moist and the lemon blueberry flavor really came through. The glaze was perfect and had the right amount of sweetness. And again Jim said, ” I would eat that in a heartbeat!” But I only let him have a bite. This one was mine!

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Lemon/Blueberry Scone

I also had a black iced tea, no sugar. You should also know that I’m a tea snob, I’ll throw away a tea I just bought if it isn’t good. It had a pleasant aftertaste and wasn’t bitter at all. They brew when you order, which is why I think I enjoyed it so much. Let’s face it, most places really don’t know how to make good tea, but Exchange Co. certainly does!

The atmosphere here is the bomb. I felt a come-as-you-are feeling. The waitstaff was super friendly and knowledgeable about suggesting items I could eat. I loved the exposed brick wall and how the tables are all spaced out, likely for COVID. I can’t stress how important it is to have a well-educated staff when it comes to food allergies. It can really change the experience for someone who is worried about eating something that can make them ill.

Best Bakery I Have Ever Been To!
Best Bakery I Have Ever Been To!

My guy is a funny man, and as we were leaving he says, “You need to learn to bake like this” (insert funny face here) and I had to agree with him. These items were so good that you’d never miss the real thing.

Jim and I both agree that we would go out of our way to visit here again. We plan to make Greenville a regular trip for us and a visit to Exchange Co. will be at the top of the list of places to stop at. Truly the best bakery I have ever been to!

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