Farm Fresh Fast in Greenville, SC

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I do my best to eat clean, so while I was researching restaurants that offered gluten-free and vegan food before my trip to Greenville, SC, I put Farm Fresh Fast at the top of my list!

Farm Fresh Fast in Greenville, SC
Farm Fresh Fast in Greenville, SC

When I first entered, I was greeted with a warm farmhouse vibe, and a cheerful hello. There’s fun decor throughout, and you’ll find reclaimed wood, an old bike hanging from the ceiling, tall metal bar stools where you can watch them cook your food, fun lighting, country farm tables, and repurposed items scattered around. Then you notice the display case of donuts. Yes, donuts. AND they’re gluten-free and vegan!

Farm Fresh Fast in Greenville, SC

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My husband Jim and I got a black forest donut and ate it while we waited for our lunch. Don’t judge – there are no rules while on vacation! This donut was super soft, had an excellent texture, and didn’t taste gluten-free at all. And can we talk about frosting? So good and had just the right amount of sweetness The perfect compliment to the cakey goodness was a light chocolate drizzle and coconut flakes (that’s a health food, right?).

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Farm Fresh Fast in Greenville, SC
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Gluten free and vegan donuts

For lunch, I enjoyed the sweet potatoes and chicken. They were so good and cooked perfectly. I also had the collard greens…..THESE ARE THE BEST COLLARDS I HAVE EVER HAD! I cleaned the plate, and really didn’t share much with Jim (sorry, man). I’m picky about my collard greens, so this speaks volumes. While eating,I found myself thinking about how I could get more of these greens at home…

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Chicken and sweet potatoes

My husband had a yummy rice bowl with great veggies. The flavors were perfect and beautifully presented to us. The fresh squash was cooked to perfection and it was a very generous portion, so we took the rest to go.

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We really loved the food as well as the atmosphere here and plan to go back the next time we’re in town, which we hope will be soon!

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