Gluten and Dairy-Free Halloween Candy


Halloween is upon us, it’s such a fun time of year for your kids! It’s also a stressful time if they can’t eat most of what they get for Halloween, this year be prepared and have swaps handy for the items that they can’t eat. It will create a lasting positive memory for them. It’s time to grab your Gluten and Dairy-Free Halloween Candy! These often sell out making it hard to find what you are looking for, so get them now!

I won’t go into great detail on these items, honestly, I hate having to scroll through a bunch of random thoughts to get to what the post is about. But I wanted to help make anyone’s life easier who is looking for Halloween candy. Click the link if you are interested!

No Whey Foods – Chocolatey, Sprinkle Covered Pretzel Singles

These No Whey would be a great substitution for Halloween! Check out all that they have to offer here.

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Enjoy Life Mini Chocolate Candy Variety Pack

These are great! I have picked one up in Trader Joe’s before.

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Yumearth Organics Holiday Fruit Gummies

Yum Earth is my first choice for candy.

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YumEarth Organic Fruit Flavored Pops

I don’t eat candy a lot but these are so good and probably the most cost-effective for Halloween since you get 50 for 8.08!

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No Whey Foods – Milkless Minis (2 Pack) 

I have not tried these but maybe getting them for trick-or-treaters with allergies! Ok, they are for me, haha!

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I hope that this was helpful for you, Happy Trick or Treating!!

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