How to Journal and Make it a Daily Habit

Do you journal?

How to Journal and Make it a Daily Habit

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Today I am anxious and agitated at the littlest things. I didn’t wake up like this it just happened. Do you ever have days like this?

I typically spend time with God every morning but today I got up and jumped right into working on a blog post and just got lost in the morning, we headed out to run some errands and when we came home it was 1:00. I knew it was time to sit down with Jesus because the way I felt was not showing the love of Jesus.

If you don’t spend time with God every day I highly suggest it. If you don’t know how to get started here is what my quiet time usually looks like:

I journal my praises and prayer requests and I pray to God,

I Read my bible- a yearly reading plan is a good place to start,

I work on a devotional or a bible study, The Daily Grace has some great studies. Check out this blog post for my favorites.

Sometimes I read a book that God has led me to.

And every day I verse map- This is what speaks to me the most. I started this last year and love it, I feel like it draws me closer to God by learning more about Him through His word on a deeper level. You can find more about this here.

How I journal:

I use a journal or a notebook and on one side of the page I label it praise and on the other side, I label it prayer with the date. Every week or two, I go through my prayer requests and I highlight all the prayers that God has answered. It’s pretty amazing to look back and see ALL that He has done and to see what I need to keep praying for. If you think that God isn’t hearing or answering our prayers, He is, He hears every one of them, and He loves that you are talking to Him!

Sometimes it isn’t the right time for God to answer that prayer, it may never be the right time. Often what we think is best for us isn’t, God is so much bigger than we are and He has great plans for us.

I can’t start my day without my time with God. It’s so important to be in the word first thing in the morning. As my experience above shows, we need God in ALL of our days not just when we have time. Don’t rush through your time with God. Spend time with our Heavenly Father and get to know Him. He’s an amazing Father and this will change your life!


If you are looking for a devotional book, I’ve got you covered. My absolute favorite devotionals are by Ruth Chou Simmons. I love her writing, her words really speak to me. Plus she has the most amazing artwork in all of her books, and she’s painted them all.

Another big favorite of mine is 100 Days to Brave by Annie Downs. My book is highlighted and has tabs all throughout. It’s excellent!

My Favorite Journaling Tools:

I have used many journals but the one that I love the most I randomly found on Amazon. I’m on my third one so I must love it. You can find it here.

I am pretty picky with what I write with in my bible. I love the Mr. Pen highlighters. They don’t bleed through as others do. And they have lots of colors to choose from. Check them out here.

For Christmas 2022 I purchased myself a new bible. I wanted one with space to write in. The one I found on Amazon is amazing. It’s got plenty of room to write in and I love the large text. Check it out here. I added tabs on mine that I got from The Daily Grace.

How to Start Journaling and Make it a Daily Habit
How to Start Journaling and Make it a Daily Habit

I hope that this was helpful to you, please check out my other faith blog posts!

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