I Saw Jesus In My Dog Today

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I Saw Jesus In My Dog Today

We have a sweet dog and her name is Dixie. She is so devoted to Jim and I. When we are gone I am sure she waits for us watching as cars go by. When she sees us we hear her barking and as soon as we open the garage door we are greeted by a very happy pup whose tail is going 90 MPH. Jim says when I am gone Dixie watches for a car like mine and then barks when she sees it even if it isn’t me. And she does the same thing when Jim is gone.

She is so dedicated to us. She’s usually stuck to me pretty much all the time. She sleeps next to me on the floor in her dog bed at night, she sits with me during my quiet time and she loves to snuggle anytime she can get it. She’s a love bug.

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We’ve had Dixie for about 3 years now. I wanted a dog and had been praying about adding a dog to our family. I searched for a while for the perfect dog and I just couldn’t find the perfect fit for us. So I stopped looking and gave it all to God, I prayed that he would bring us just the right dog if it was meant to be.

I saw Jesus In My Dog Today
I saw Jesus In My Dog Today

I kid you not, Dixie showed up at our back door one day in 2018. She was skinny, dirty, and covered in ticks. So I fed her a pork chop and made her a bed outside our door. The next day I went to work but told Jim if she was still there when I came home I was keeping her. She was there when I got home!

She was mine, end of story! So that night my daughter came over and helped me bathe her and we removed 15 ticks from her. We fed her and made her a bed. She was so scared and very afraid of Jim. We think she’s been abused by a man because it took her about six months before Jim was her friend. Now they are great buddies!

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We took her to the vet and found out she had heart worms but the Dr. thought since she was young it was treatable. So we proceeded with the treatment and today she is heart-worm free, happy, and healthy. She’s our God-dog!

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One day I was playing with Dixie and as she brought her donut back to me time and time again to throw for her I thought how many times we stray from God and yet he welcomes us back every time we return to Him!

What if our daily life was filled with Jesus like Dixie wants us to fill her life? What if we were as faithful to Jesus as Dixie is to Jim and I? What would our walk with the Lord look like?

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Jesus wants us to follow Him every minute of every day. Often we get sidetracked and lose focus of what is important. One of the most important things we can do is refocus ourselves when we go astray, constant evaluation of where our focus is.

Dixie sets a good example for us. She shows us how we should be faithfully devoted to Jesus. Never losing sight of where our focus should be, on Jesus! 

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