Incredible Cheesy Dairy Free Hash

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Hi friends! I see so many people say that they struggle with breakfast, I do too sometimes but lately, this Incredible Cheesy Dairy Free Hash has been my go-to. I love this because it will keep me full for hours. I like to make a batch of it then store it in individual containers that way I can just reheat it as needed.

Let’s cook our Incredible Cheesy Dairy Free Hash!

Whew, that title is a mouthful, but worth it!

It’s really easy to make which is a huge plus.

Simply peel your sweet potatoes and chop them into 1″ squares. Add a teaspoon of oil to your pan, I used olive oil, and then add your potatoes. Cook them until they are tender, stirring often. Set these aside when they are done.

Next, chop your onion and add a little oil to the pan, add your onion, and then cook until they are clear. Add your ground beef and cook until the meat isn’t pink anymore. Be sure to break the ground beef up so it’s in small pieces and stir until it’s done.

Now add your potatoes, spices, and spinach. Stir to combine and wilt the spinach.

Now for the cheese!

I can’t take any credit for the cheese sauce that goes over this hash, it was created by Plantiful Kiki, go check out her page and give her recipes a try. Click here to make a batch of her cheese sauce, you won’t regret it! Then once done pour this over the top and enjoy it, your kids and hubby will love it and ask for more! I learned that my husband who isn’t dairy-free has been using it too, that’s a big compliment!

Incredible Cheesy Dairy Free Breakfast Hash
Incredible Cheesy Dairy Free Breakfast Hash

I usually make a batch of hash and will put it into individual containers so I can just grab one in the morning and reheat it, then I will pour the cheese sauce over it so it doesn’t get soggy. The hash will keep in the fridge for 4-5 days. The cheese sauce will keep 1 week.

Let me know how you liked it in the comments below!

Incredible Cheesy Dairy Free Hash

Recipe by Mary McKinneyCourse: Breakfast



  • Peel and chop your sweet potatoes into 1″ cubes. Add 1 teaspoon of olive oil to a pan and add your sweet potatoes. Saute’ until cooked, set aside.
  • Chop your onion and saute’ in a teaspoon of olive oil until clear. Add in the chili powder and garlic powder, ground beef, and cook until meat is cooked.
  • Combine your cooked sweet potatoes, onion, and beef in one pan. Add your spinach and cook until wilted. Season with salt if needed.
  • When ready to eat pour cheese sauce over the Breakfast Hash.

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