Jesus is Always With Us 1

Jesus is Always With Us

On February 22, 2021, I had three seizures, they were both unexpected and traumatizing. I grew up having seizures but had been seizure-free and medication-free for 27 years. I had a headache all day and at about 8 pm I was feeling ill and called my husband Jim into the room. When he got to my side I was in a seizure and unresponsive. He said my breathing became so shallow that he wasn’t sure if I was breathing at all, so he called 911. Once I came out of the seizure he explained what happened, and I was hit with so much grief because I had been seizure-free for so long. The paramedics and police officers came out, checked me over, and said my vitals were normal. We went to bed and at about midnight I woke Jim up again because I felt another seizure coming on and by the time he turned the light on and got to my side of the bed I was unresponsive again. He called 911 and they came back out. My vitals were normal but they recommended that we go to the ER to be sure that nothing else was wrong.

When you have a seizure things are confusing after you come to, and you don’t remember a lot of what happens.  As I lay in my bed watching five more strangers in my bedroom and feeling confused and anxious God spoke to me he said, “I’m right here beside you”,  and he was, Jesus was sitting right next to me! My room filled with a brightness that can’t be explained all the details I write don’t do the experience justice. It was peace, it was joy, it was Jesus! He was beautiful, he glowed and was wearing a white robe, He had shoulder-length dark hair, all I saw was his back. The peace that spread over me was intense and I instantly knew everything was going to be ok.

Jesus Is Always With Us
Jesus Is Always With Us

At the hospital, they did all the tests. As we sat waiting in my room in the ER waiting for test results I started praying and it was a whining prayer, I call it whining because it was a why me type of prayer. All God said to me was, “Where is your praise?”. Where is your praise was something one of our pastors said to us one day onstage describing a time God spoke to him too. God used that in this time to remind me that He was with me and I am ok. Where is your praise, stays with me all the time now.

This was a gift to me, a gift to be used in the next several weeks as I healed and recovered from this trauma. On the way home from the hospital I had another seizure in the car. It was not as strong as the first two and didn’t last as long.

Do you know that Jesus is right beside you at all times? He is and he wants us to remember this.

Jesus is always right by our side, sometimes we don’t feel his presence, and sometimes he is silent, but he is always there, right beside us.

Thankfully I have not had any more seizures since that night. But why did I have the seizures…That night in the ER I found out that I have Fibromuscular Dysplasia. It affects an artery in my neck that leads to my brain. Remember the headache? I had gone to the chiropractor after work and it’s possible that when he adjusted my neck that he cut off blood flow to that artery and it caused the seizures. I thank God that I know that I have this now so I can better take care of myself and prevent any further issues.

God is Good! It’s through the tough times and the broken times that He teaches us to rely on him at all times. I have followed Jesus for twenty-one years and I am still learning this. I believe that I have experienced this to share with others and I hope that it blesses you.

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