My Favorite Daily Grace Co. Bible Studies


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My Favorite Daily Grace Co. Bible Studies

I discovered The Daily Grace Co. last year. I am not sure how but, I loved everything I saw on their site and bought several of their studies. I am working through them one at a time and am LOVING every one of them so I thought I would share the ones I have finished with you today.

My Favorite Daily Grace Co. Bible Studies
My Favorite Daily Grace Co. Bible Studies

My Favorite Daily Grace Co. Bible Studies

Ruth Fields of Grace– OMG, this one was so good. I did it with a friend and we both got totally different things out of it, it was so amazing. What we did though is paired it with Kelly Minter’s study of Ruth. The two together were amazing, with two different perspectives about Ruth that were eye-opening. Both meant so much to us. I highly recommend it, this is why it’s first. So amazing to study God’s provision.

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The Attributes of God– I was really sad when we finished this one. I got so much out of it that I am considering buying a second book and doing this once a year. I think that as your relationship grows with God you would see new things every year.
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Nehemiah, Arise– Our church announced that we are doing a study on Nehemiah and I already had this study so I did this one along with our series at church. This is a very in-depth study of Nehemiah his faithfulness, leadership, and God’s provision.

Another thing I love about all of the Daily Grace studies is that you also get a free digital version, so you can start your study right away while waiting for your book to arrive. Plus there is a free video each week for most of the studies that you have purchased, which helps complement each one. Not to mention how absolutely beautiful each book is! The photos are stunning. Very often they have sales so grab a bunch of studies when they are 5.00 each, that’s what I do. I have a big pile that I am currently working on.

So what other studies are in my to-study pile?

It is Well, Anxiety Study

Mercy in the Storm, Jonah Study

Fighting With faith, Philippians Study

Delight Psalms 1-30

Redeeming Your Phone Time

Come and See, The Study of John

James The Steadfast Life

So as you can see, I am a true fan of these studies. Give them a try and if you have done one that I haven’t listed here please comment below and tell us about it! Happy bible study!

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