My HUM Nutrition Review


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I have tummy issues. I have IBS and cant eat gluten or dairy plus foods high in Fod Maps. I was looking online for something to help me with all my tummy discomfort. I knew I needed a probiotic and some digestive enzymes so I decided to purchase them from HUM Nutrition. The price is fabulous and I liked the ingredients. I also have very weak nails and recently I went to my doctor due to my nails splitting and she suggested I try Biotin so I also purchased that from HUM as well.


Let’s start with the probiotic. Their probiotic is called GUT INSTINCT™. It’s a vegan probiotic blend. I was thankful that my tummy liked this product and it didn’t have a period of tradition. According the the directions you are to take this on an empty stomach so I take mine when I first wake up. It has never caused any discomfort, bloating or gas like other probiotics have. After two months on this I feel like my gut health has improved and hope to see every more improvement as time goes on.

My HUM Nutrition Review
My HUM Nutrition Review


So let’s talk enzymes. I LOVE THESE! They help you break down protein, carbs, fiber, lactose and fats. I really feel these have helped me more than any others I have used. I am still experiencing some gas when I eat things that I shouldn’t but I have a flatter tummy and I am more regular. Before taking these and the probiotic I had diarrhea a lot due to my IBS, I am actually pretty normal now so they must be working! (TMI, sorry)

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I have been using for over a year vitamins that are for my thyroid and paying almost 40.00 per month, eeek! I decided to give these a try because they had all the same ingredients as my expensive vitamins and only 8.00 per month on auto ship!!! I figured, I’d give them a try but really didn’t think they would be as good as my expensive vitamins. Well friends, I can’t even tell the difference in taking them they are so good. Why pay for expensive vitamins when the results are the same? Hello, no brainer!

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My nails have been splitting for a while now. So much so that I recently went to the doctor about it. She suggested that I try biotin. I purchased KILLER NAILS® from HUM and have been really surprised at the quality. I am almost finished with my second bottle and have a third on the way. My nails are growing faster and actually getting longer. I am hoping this will help two of my nails that split over time when my nail fully grows out.

killer nails

Autoship saves!

I have all four of these items set up on auto ship. I didn’t want to forget to reorder and run out, plus I got a discount for signing up for auto ship. The cost of these vitamins save me so much money every month and I am VERY happy with the quality of them. To try these vitamins and get 10.00 off your first order use coupon code, 339F5C.

This blog contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a commission from the sale of that product. All information and sources are based on my opinion; you should do your own research before using any of the products listed on our site or blog. Do not use the information found on our site to treat a condition, please consult your doctor.

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