My kitchen pantry redo

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Its time for a My kitchen pantry redo. My pantry is a hot mess! I don’t think I’m alone here. When you go gluten-free you soon realize that everything comes in a bag. You can’t stack them, you end up with way too many bags, and have to dig for what you want in your pantry. I am OVER it!

I decided to start with my silverware drawer. This wasn’t planned, but while shopping for storage containers for my pantry, these pretty silverware organizers popped up, so I had to get them. As you can see, my silverware drawer was a hot mess too, mainly because I own a large set of silverware. But I cleaned it out with a new organizer and it’s a major improvement!

IMG 0837
My kitchen pantry redo
After, I love it!

Let’s move on to my pantry. As I mentioned, it always seems unorganized, even though I just cleaned it two weeks ago. It’s time to put an end to this mess.

I purchased a set of 8 BPA free medium-sized containers and another set of 12 smaller BPA-free containers.

IMG 0841
IMG 0840
IMG 0838

As with any new item, I washed the containers in the dishwasher on a light wash. While they were in the dishwasher, I pulled out my label maker and tagged them with expiration dates for everything that was going into a container. The container came with chalk labels, but I read some negative reviews that said they smudged easily, so I decided labels were better.

Drum roll…….Here’s the final result….

My kitchen pantry redo
My kitchen pantry redo

What a difference! I am really happy with the results. Now, let’s bake!

Next up are my pan cabinets, so stay tuned!

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