Olive and June is the Perfect Mani!!!

Olive & June

A True Game Changer!

Are you wishing for a longer-lasting manicure? Look no more! I’m loving Olive and June polish. The colors are gorgeous and I can get a good 5-6 days out of my mani. I’ve seen others in the Olive & June Facebook group get up to 14 days, but I’m pretty hard on my nails and am admittedly a little OCD when they get a little chip, so I just redo it. Maybe it’s a little stress reliever for me? 😉 I also like to switch up my color and have been known to change it twice a week.

Last year I bought an Olive & June Mani System and I used it for a while but went back to my gels – MISTAKE! Gels seem to make my nails more brittle. Lesson learned! I’ve now gone back to Olive & June. I can already tell that it’s helping heal the damage the gels did to them. 

While growing in healthier nails, I needed something to fill in the ridges. I saw that Olive & June had a new product called Ridge Filler so I gave it a shot. Tah dah! I was so impressed by how much smoother it made my nails!

Olive & June Colors

I own about ten shades from Olive & June and I love them all! Each one goes on smoothly. Just follow their easy instructions to apply. I love their application brush it’s rounded so it gets those curves near your cuticle perfectly covered. The Poppy is also fun. The Poppy is a handle for your polish. This gives you more control when applying polish and allows a more sturdy application.

Olive & June is the Perfect Mani!!!
Olive & June is the Perfect Mani!!!

The perfect fall color (IMO) is Social Studies – a beautiful faded navy; very subtle and stylish! 

Social Studies- Photo Credit: Olive & June

I don’t know about you, but I love black nails. Try Spacey – it’s a fun, shimmery shade. Here’s my nail selfie.

Olive & June Spacey
Spacey by Olive & June

Olive & June Life Changer- Dry Drops

Hate sitting around doing nothing while your nails are drying? And does anyone else have to use the bathroom while your nails are drying? What’s with that? LOL.  Believe it or not, Olive & June has solved this problem by creating Dry Drops. Life changer! Just do your nails as directed, then put one drop of Dry Drops on each nail and in 80 seconds your nails are set. I’m not kidding – it’s amazing!

ScreenShot2020 10
Dry Drops- Photo Credit: Olive & June

Bootcamp & Olive & June Univeristy

Another great thing I love about this company is that they want to help you with your mani. They created Olive & June Bootcamp & Olive University (totally free!) that teaches you how to prep and do your nails. The Bootcamp is a live tutorial on Instagram, and the University is a step-by-step tutorial that’s found on their website. One of the live classes I was on even had a coupon code for a free polish. #winning

Check out this video of the founder of Olive & June giving you step-by-step instructions.

Discover Olive & June it’s the Perfect Mani!

Are you ready to try your own Olive & June mani? Olive & June has a special 20% off for all new members. Click here to get this special offer, you will love it and if you don’t they have a money-back guarantee but I don’t think you’ll need it.

Comment below and tell me what your favorite color is!

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