Sugar Free Chocolate Chip Pancakes

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I love breakfast foods! When I went gluten and dairy-free it meant I had to find a good pancake again. I tried so many brands and a lot were just like cardboard. One day while in Costco’s I saw Birch Bender’s Pancake Mix and I have been buying it since then.

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Paired with ChocZero Chocolate Chips they got even better! A yummy, creamy, dairy-free and vegan chocolate chip! It melts like a regular chip to! I know that you enjoy these. These chips are great if you are on a low carb diet because they are only 1 net carb per serving.

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Sugar Free Chocolate Chip Pancakes
Sugar Free Chocolate Chip Pancakes
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Chocolate Chip Pancakes

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  • Add Birch Benders mix, eggs, vanilla and water to a bowl.
  • Mix well and pour into a heated pan, I usually get 4-5 pancakes. Sprinkle chocolate chips on the pancakes.
  • When you see small bubbles on the pancake its time to flip.
  • Cook until done.
  • Enjoy with ChocZero syrup!


  • If you don’t have ChocZero chips you can try EnjoyLife chips.
  • You can also sub the ChocZero Maple Syrup with regualr maple syrup
  • I don’t have a sub for the pancake mix, it’s all I useWhen you shop at use coupon code GLUTENANDDAIRYFREELIFE and het 10% off!

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