The Best Gluten Free and Vegan Protein Powder

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I have tried MANY protein powders and they all upset my stomach. They cause me gas and bloating due to the fillers, artificial and natural flavors or, sweeteners. I have found a protein powder that is made from real food AND tastes delicious! It doesn’t cause any issues in my body. It provides my body with the energy it needs every day, yes, I use this every day!

The Best Gluten Free and Vegan Protein Powder

The best protein powder is, drum roll and cue the confetti…..Sprout Living!

Sprout Living has created a formula that is in my opinion the cleanest on the market.

  • Their squeaky clean formula doesn’t contain any gums, “flavoring”, fillers, or additives.
  • There is also No erythritol or other sugar alcohols
  • There is nothing in Sprout Living products that are fake, it’s ALL real food! This our bodies can digest and this is why I can tolerate it so well. Just healthy ingredients and yummy goodness!
  • And a big bonus is it’s all organic, vegan, and gluten-free! 
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Each serving of protein powder contains 20-26 grams of vegan protein! If you follow a vegan or vegetarian diet then you need to try this. If you are gluten and dairy-free, you need to try this!

I love to use their protein powders in my smoothies or smoothie bowls. The taste is amazing and it’s not gritty like other protein powders.

The Best Gluten Free and Vegan Protein Powder
The Best Gluten Free and Vegan Protein Powder

My favorite protein powder is Epic Protein Chocolate Maca, you can add it to water and shake it up and drink it or you can add it to coffee, smoothie, or smoothie bowl. My favorite combination is bananas, cherries, and chocolate protein. I blend this in my blender and top it with cocoa nibs to make a smoothie bowl or nice cream.

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Why use Sprout Living Protein?

A little info from their website…

We’re here to help you plant and grow healthy habits with real healthy products.

Sprout Living is committed to inspiring health, happiness and balance in every person by crafting and sharing the purest health products and initiatives.

We make innovative products of exceptional quality made with thoughtful formulas from wholesome ingredients by a passionate team in a kitchen (not a lab). Phew!

Because of this, everything we make avoids a lot of the unnecessary additives you find in plant nutrition: no gumsno “flavoring” and absolutely nothing synthetic.

Check out some of my smoothies and smoothie bowls here.

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