The Best Gluten-Free Bread

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The Best Gluten-Free Bread

When I went gluten-free twelve years ago the one thing that I couldn’t find that was good, free of preservatives, gums and all the rest of the bad stuff was bread.

Last month I stumbled upon Young Kobras bread, since it met all of my healthy eating requirements I reached out to see if I could review their bread. They said yes and sent me two loaves. Let me just say, I have already ordered two more loaves!

I love this bread because of its ingredients. It’s clean, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, gum-free, and whole grain. So much good and no bad ingredients!

Sourdough Bread

When this bread arrived I wasted no time and toasted up a couple of slices of Young Kobras sourdough bread, and topped it with some avocado, hemp seeds, and salt. When I bit into it it was like my taste buds woke up! The crunch, the flavor, and the texture was so great! Sadly, I ate it so fast that I didn’t take any pictures of it! But, maybe that’s a testament to how good it was!

The Best Gluten-Free Bread

4 Seeded Buckwheat

I love everything buckwheat. I eat buckwheat pancakes twice a week and muffins on a regular basis so when I saw that they had buckwheat bread I had to try it!

I loved this bread! I loved the slight crunch from the buckwheat groats (I eat these a lot too), It toasts perfectly in my air fryer. Not only is the crunch amazing, but the stability of the bread is fabulous! Sandwiches are perfect! Your bread won’t crumble at all and you will enjoy a sandwich like you used to!

I also love this bread for breakfast, Elvis style!

I toasted my bread in my air fryer and then added peanut butter and bananas, SO good!! Again, I ate it so fast that I didn’t take any pictures, I will get better at the picture-taking, I promise, haha!


My Final Thoughts

One thing that I really love about this company is that EVERYTHING is fresh! They bake on Monday and ship out orders on Tuesday. Everything ships from San Francisco, I got mine in Georgia on Thursday. That’s fast!

I love that my bread was just made. My bread wasn’t made, then frozen (probably freezer burned), and then sat in a store for days or weeks. It’s FRESH!

One thing that you have to remember is that because this bread is fresh you have to eat it or freeze it. There are NO preservatives in this bread. When mine arrives I freeze my loaves by putting two slices in a ziplock baggie and pop it in the freezer. When I want some bread I just pull out what I want. When I get low I order more, because, it will be here in no time!

I have also made sandwiches with this bread and it held up to the very last bite!

Get your bread today, click here.

The Story of Young Kobras – A Gluten-Free Sourdough Bakery in the San Francisco Bay Area

Co-owners Juliana and Geoff share a passion for healthy food: they’ve both spent countless hours preparing delicious and nutritious meals with friends and family. In addition, both co-owners believe in the importance of sustainable practices throughout the food system from farm to table. These values define Young Kobras mission to produce healthy foods made with sustainable, low-impact organic ingredients that are good for your body and the earth.

The company originated from home kitchen experiments, and a determination to develop a new type of bread made with simple healthy ingredients, and that’s it. Since baking that first loaf of gluten-free sourdough bread our recipe and product line continue to grow. We strive to enhance our products through ingredient research, regular recipe development, and customer feedback. 

When your bread arrives try my egg salad on a sandwich!

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