World’s Best Cup of Coffee!

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Elf said it best, World’s Best Cup of Coffee!

I love coffee but it’s never loved me. I usually have stomach issues, shakes, and my heart races when I drink coffee. Plus it affects my sleep even though I drink it early in the morning. I saw a post from another blogger about Purity Coffee and so I reached out to them to see if they would be interested in me reviewing their coffee. They sent me all four of their coffees to try. I have spent the last month trying each one and sharing them with friends.

PROTECT: Light-Medium Roast Whole Bean Coffee

I love all of their coffee blends but my favorite one is PROTECT: Light-Medium Roast Whole Bean Coffee. I love that it isn’t overly strong coffee. It’s a light roast. smooth and delicious! I try to eat mostly organic foods so the fact that Purity Coffee is organic is also another reason that I love it.

I love grinding my own beans every day when I get up. This helps me get the freshest cup of coffee. I love it so much that I already have it set up on a monthly auto-ship! The taste is so clean but that’s because the bean is!

On my first day of trying this coffee, I was very skeptical because of my past experiences with how coffee makes me feel. But I really wanted a cup of coffee that worked for me and that was healthy so I really wanted to give this a try. I was so excited to see that I had no side effects from it! This is a game-changer, I can have coffee again!!

FLOW: Original Medium Roast Whole Bean Coffee

World's Best Cup of Coffee!
World’s Best Cup of Coffee!

My friend Tiffany and I meet monthly to do bible study and we gave the FLOW: Original Medium Roast Whole Bean Coffee a try. We both really enjoyed it as we did our Daily Grace study, I think the pot was empty when we were done, haha!

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So not only is this my favorite coffee now but it’s also a very healthy coffee. Purity Coffee is third-party lab-tested to ensure they don’t have pesticides, mold, mycotoxins, or heavy metals in their coffee. Purity Coffee also qualifies as a “Specialty Grade” by meeting the SCAA Green Coffee Grading Standards. All of these reasons are probably why I respond better to this coffee than others I have tried.

If you have sensitivity issues with coffee this may be the coffee for you!

Try a cup of Purity Coffee along with our Melt In Your Mouth Chocolate Cake. Purchase your own Purity Coffee and use coupon code GLUTENANDDAIRYFREELIFE10 to get an additional 10% off!

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