Young Kobras Gluten-Free Pizza!

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Young Kobras Gluten-Free Pizza!

Who doesn’t love a good pizza? Going Gluten and Dairy-free made this yummy treat hard to find! I have eaten many bad pizzas in the past 13 years. So when I had the opportunity to try Young Kobras Baking Mix the first thing I wanted to make was PIZZA!

Young Kobras Baking Mix is so clean and it’s free from major allergens. It is made from GF flour (sorghum flour*, brown rice flour*, tapioca flour*), psyllium husk*, yeast, sea salt, and baking soda.

See super clean!

My husband Jim helped me test this pizza crust. If you don’t know from previous posts, Jim isn’t gluten or dairy-free so if he likes something that speaks for itself, read to the end to see how he felt about this pizza crust!

Let’s Prep our flour

You’re going to love how easy this was to make. Heat up the water until it reaches 105 degrees then add all of your ingredients to the water. Stir until it’s all blended. Mine was a little watery but quickly became a pretty pizza dough as stated in the directions. I formed it into a ball then placed it in a glass bowl, covered it with a dish towel and placed it on my stovetop and let it double in size for 45 minutes.

After 45 minutes I removed it from the bowl, cut it in half then Jim and I each made our own pizzas.

Simply roll out your dough with a rolling pin.

I added chopped garlic to my pizza, but that is optional. Then we baked the crust for 10 minutes. You may need to bake yours for more or less time depending on your oven.

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My dough is ready to bake!
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After we baked the crust we added our toppings to our pizzas. I added lots of pizza sauce because I like sauce, Good Plant Food cheese, olives, yellow peppers, chopped chives, and chopped basil.

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I can’t eat cheese so I used a vegan cheese that I found at our local grocery store, Good Plant Foods. I have always sworn by another Vegan cheese so I was skeptical. This one has become my favorite. It’s so melty and more like real cheese.

Let’s Bake

Once all of my toppings were added to my pizza I popped it into a 350-degree oven. I started with 10 minutes and had to add about 7 more. Your time may be slightly different depending on your oven.

Look at how yummy my pizza came out! It was so good, I ate the whole thing!

Young Kobras Gluten-Free Pizza!
Young Kobras Gluten-Free Pizza!
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Look at that amazing crust!!

My thoughts

I highly recommend Young Kobras Baking Mix and can’t wait to try many more yummy dishes with this mix!

If you’ve made it this far I am sure you want to know what Jim thought about the pizza crust. He gave it two thumbs up! He really enjoyed it and ate his whole pizza too! If Jim liked it you know that means something, he is ready for our next pizza night! ME TOO!

The Story of Young Kobras – A Gluten-Free Sourdough Bakery in the San Francisco Bay Area

Co-owners Juliana and Geoff share a passion for healthy food: they’ve both spent countless hours preparing delicious and nutritious meals with friends and family. In addition, both co-owners believe in the importance of sustainable practices throughout the food system from farm to table. These values define Young Kobras mission to produce healthy foods made with sustainable, low-impact organic ingredients that are good for your body and the earth.

The company originated from home kitchen experiments, and a determination to develop a new type of bread made with simple healthy ingredients, and that’s it. Since baking that first loaf of gluten-free sourdough bread our recipe and product line continue to grow. We strive to enhance our products through ingredient research, regular recipe development, and customer feedback. 

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